Our Mission

Umbrella Health is an organization dedicated to improving the mental health of global youth through providing psychiatric resources, new-age media awareness campaigns, and online-peer based support group to generate a global dialogue over the minds of our future leaders.

Our Story

Hi! We’re Adhya and Shriya Beesam, two twins based in Dallas, Texas. In the past, we had an uncle in India who suffered from schizophrenia and desperately needed treatment, but was constantly misdiagnosed until his disorder became virtually untreatable.
After our experiences with his struggle, my sister and I wanted to do as much research as we could over schizophrenia and the state of diagnostic tools, and what we found was not reassuring at all. The main psychiatric assessments utilized today have an accuracy rate of a little over 50% and require a lot of subjectivity in analysis. Because of that, research hypothesizes that there are millions that are being misdiagnosed with other illnesses and living in similar conditions to my uncle, something that shouldn’t happen to anyone. In addition to that, many people didn’t believe in mental illnesses like schizophrenia, making any research very difficult to legitimize. Our desire to improve these conditions and to create a much healthier world led us to develop a diagnostic tool with a 98% accuracy rate, combining data from the psychiatric assessments and MRIs. Through our research, we’ve been fortunate enough to present on various national and international podiums, receiving awards like the Siemens National $100,000 Scholarship and the Intel International Science Fair Grand Awards.
After winning these awards, we’ve received a plethora of messages from parents and kids worldwide, all of whom were facing or knew people facing an uphill battle with mental illnesses. We realized that mental health care for today’s youth isn’t nearly as comprehensive as we are made to believe, and that many teens fear seeking help. Because of that, my sister and I have sought out to make help a lot easier to reach, and to push for awareness for mental health.

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