Our Mission

Umbrella Health is an organization for youth, by youth. Our main goal is to improve the standards of mental health for youth worldwide through modern methods. Many past mental health organizations offer hotlines and ad campaigns, but we firmly believe that teens would be able to access the help they need more efficiently if guided and facilitated by their fellow peers. Because of that, Umbrella Health is introducing a text-based helpline manned by fellow teens to provide friendship and a connection to those seeking help. We are also introducing a series of campaigns online to spread further awareness over mental health issues and what can be done to improve them. By introducing volunteers and a “buddy” system of sorts to allow for communication between teens, Umbrella Health generates a healthy dialogue and awareness among our demographic, leading to positive decisions in the future.

The intimacy of being able to be connected in a peer-peer helpline to those who understand modern youth life is paramount in an age of online interaction. Additionally, leveraging social media platforms and video campaigns to further illustrate the landscape of mental health allows for a more accessible way for fellow peers to understand the spectrum of issues that one can face. Umbrella Health is also working to improve the availability/accessibility of mental health resources, creating the opportunity for disadvantaged teens to truly get help to improve their lifestyle.

All in all, Umbrella Health hopes to transform the landscape of mental health awareness and pro-activeness among teens, and we hope that you can help us along the way!